Sunday, June 12, 2011

MKP Mumumu!

I've been too busy with the MLG and the NASL lately to really closely follow the GSL Super Tournament.

Part of the reason I haven't cared to watch it because of the early exit of ST_July at the hands of Slayers_Min. Now after a few weeks we're down to the final four players and so I'm paying attention again. The format of this tournament led to plenty of upsets, and the team Slayers in particular seemed to dominate round after round with the only players eliminated early being Boxer and Yugi-oh. As we reach the final four we've only got one Slayers player left, MMA, who is fresh off his nerd-crushing, choking and all around savaging performance at MLG Columbus (a victim of which was July).

One of the icky things about this Super Tournament has been the Terran dominance. Protoss were destroyed early on, leaving only one Slayers_Alicia in the final 16. And while the final 16 had 6 zergs, (IMNestea, oGsjookto, SlayerS_Min, ZeNEXLine, LeenockfOu and TSL_Revival), only one made it to the round of 8, ZeNEXLine, and he was eliminated in a close series by oGsTop.

The only reason that I'll be watching the final four and hopefully the finals themselves are if MarineKingPrime.We can make it. After making it to the finals three times now and coming up short each time, he is hungry for a win, and a chance to ensure that he does not become the quick King of Silver in SC2. I'm rarely a big fan of Terrans, a case in point is SlayerS_MMA, who is a brilliant player absolutely, but whose style of Terran while technically incredible, since his abilitly to take apart zergs in particular by consistently denying them their late bases, while holding off their large pushes in the center, is nonetheless boring. MKP, has so far been a joy to watch and so I'd much rather see him get to the finals and win.

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