Saturday, August 6, 2011

GSL July Lessons

Farewell to Code-S July: Lessons Learned

By: Fionn

Another GSL is over and what a surprise, it ended in a 4-0 stomping. Luckily for us, the games were good, but it marks the third straight final where one player couldn't win a single game. Now, with the tournament behind us, it's time to look back on the things that we've learned from this GSL:

  1. First and foremost, Nestea is the best player in the world.
  2. Code-S is becoming a really even competition. All of the "upsets" this season weren't so much about the underdogs getting lucky; it's just that the gap between the underdogs and favorites has closed significantly. Except Nestea, he's still 500x better than everyone.
  3. If you pick Clide into your group expecting to beat him, you'll end up getting knocked down to Code A while he makes it out of the group stages.
  4. Immediately after getting out of the group and looking great doing it, Clide will then fall apart and never make the quarterfinals.
  5. Wolf and qxc are the best Code A tandem GOM has put together so far. Many houses have been burned in their wake.
  6. MarineKing can not only get 2nd place in countless GSL's, but he also can go 0-2 in the Round of 32 as well.
  7. Putting makeup on kids who play video games for a living wasn't the greatest idea in the world.
  8. It doesn't matter if he never wins a GSL title, Nada will always be a champion to me.
  9. Real ESPORTS fans care.
  10. sC's decision to pick MVP first in his group can be summed up in one word: oops
  11. Optimus is beatable in TvP, just don't fall for his tricks.
  12. It doesn't matter if Huk is Korean, American or Canadian. All I know is that he's a really good Starcraft 2 player.
  13. Foreign pro-gamers clearly don't watch enough GSL, as their horrifying deaths to unexpected blue-flame hellions at MLG shows.
  14. Foreign fans clearly don't watch enough GSL, as their surprise at the horrifying deaths of foreign pro-gamers at the hands of blue-flame hellions at MLG shows.
  15. Despite all the gloom and doom at MLG, Sheth, Jinro, and Huk showed that success is not TOO far away.
  16. Zenio can't actually win a match when he's half asleep.
  17. If you bribe your player with a puppy as a reward, he will more than likely make the semifinals of a GSL.
  18. It doesn't matter how long a PvP series is. In the end, 90% of the games will come down to 4gate.
  19. Leenock is still the unluckiest player in the entire universe.
  20. Puzzle has a bright future ahead of himself and will be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming Code S season.
  21. HongUn has a guardian angel following him around.
  22. Any time Artosis starts saying you're the best at something, and your name isn't Nestea, you will more than likely get eliminated right after.
  23. It doesn't matter how much you hype up a GSL final because it will always end up 0-4 or being a terrible series. It is known.
  24. While sC looks foolish for picking MVP with his first choice and getting knocked back to Code A, Losira looks like a genius for picking MarineKing, beating him, and ending up in the finals.
  25. Did I mention that Nestea is the best player in the world?

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