Monday, May 9, 2011

The Funniest Moment in Starcraft 2 History

This is, in my opinion the funniest moment in Starcraft 2 up until this point in human history.

May 7, 2011. GSL May Semi-Finals. sCfOu v. IMNesTea.

Game 5, in a best of 5.

Tasteless and Artosis, casting what has been an epic and insane match so far. Now down to the final game on Crossfire, which is a notoriously difficult map for zerg to survive on since their third base (second expo) is so difficult to take and safely defend, NesTea who was the favorite to win the whole thing, now looks in bad shape.

After taking his third in the top left corner, and having sC push to take it out with marines and siege tanks, NesTea burries a group of banelings on the path their from the middle in hopes of catching the next attack offguard. The exchange really shows how the hysterical commentary of Tasteless and Artosis really depends on their awkward bromantic intimacy.

Once the banelings go off:

Artosis: OH YEAH! Oh YES!

Artosis: (Laughing) Ho ho, I need a cigarette!

Tasteless: (Laughing) I need to change my underpants.

Artosis: Go make me a sandwhich Tasteless, cause I am so happy!

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