Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Total Biscuit on Fast Battle Cruisers

NASL Season 1
Week 6
May 19, 2011

ST_July v. aTn.Dark.Force

Game 2

Commentators are the Awesome Andre that is Gretorp and guest commentator TotalBiscuit

The topic: If you are playing as Terran on the ladder and you end up fighting another Terran, what is a good way of saving yourself from a 40 min game of grinding and boring tank war?

TotalBiscuit: Playing (t.v.t.) is draining, especially for lower level players like myself. Everytime I see a T v. T on my ladder stream I cringe. It's the reason I go fast battlecruiser. One way or the other, the game will end in 10 mins, if I go fast battle cruisers, there you go. That's the attitude I take to it. Please don't try this at home kids, it's a terrible strategy.

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