Monday, October 31, 2011

BW Programers switching to SC2, or playing

Movie is ready for anything

An impressive list from reports a large amount of current BW programers in Korea playing SC2 during the offseason. Some notable names include:

Hydra (He is blind in one eye and still won a Starleague)
Leta (Banshees were made for him)
Horang2 (I want to see what strats this man can come up with for SC2)
Snow (Your PvT is needed in this game!)
Movie (Warp Prism!)
Best (How will his beast macro translate into this game)
Bisu (Don't have to say anything really)
n_dieSoo (The zerg SKT needed)
Fantasy (Will his bio still suck?)
Flash (Or Lucifer, they have the same name)
Hyvaa (Any top zerg switchers will be so scary)
Shuttle (Go show that imposter on NSHoseo who the real boss is)
Baby (Scary good)

For Korean accounts, you need to use your Korean identity number to register for, so the sudden influx of Korean streamers have "outed" a lot of players. It is no secret though as it has been reported that these teams (the majority of them are from STX, SKT, and CJ) have upgraded their PCs (Causing speculation of the "switching"). What will the upcoming months entail for the scene? Will the recent foreigner resurgence be stifled when the big boys come to play? Will the Korean scene close once again when KESPA/Proleague starts switching over? A lot of questions that we are all waiting anxiously for the answers.

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