Sunday, October 16, 2011

MarineKing Prime at MLG Orlando- A Feel Good Story

One of the biggest storylines at MLG Orlando was the Reddit community bringing over the MarineKing Prime, raising 4,000 dollars to pay for his ticket and hotel commodities in Florida. While this speaks volumes at the amount of foreign fans the King of Silver has, we were all waiting on how he will perform? Will he try hard to entertain and drop a series to an unknown, or will he forget to cater to the audience that used their own money to fly him out here and just win (Ask Sase who got 1/1/1 by him in 3 straight games in the CPL, a tournament in China a couple of months ago).

After the 1st two days of the event, MKP showed that he really cared about his fans, and it showed in his play. Through the open bracket, he cruised through all his foes, and ended up in Group A, the group with Idra, Haypro, Boxer, Drewbie, and TLO. Here he played with style and flair, doing entertaining strats like the beginning lift to the gold Metalopolis (Haypro), nuking his own army (Drewbie), and other fun strats. Of course, when he brought his A-game (which is making Marines, and this joke never gets old because really, that is what he does best) he made Idra's TvZ look shaky, a feat which a lot of terrans have not done recently. The fans at Reddit must have gotten more than they bargained for.

This story is so heartwarming, and it shows the growth of Starcraft as a sport. Will it be a truely cinderella story? Will the silver miner finally be able to claim that gold? Watch Championship Sunday to watch his tale unfold.

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