Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hasso Chaddek

 If you regularly check the Blizzard Top 200 on, then you'll see names such as:


as well as my brother


These are all players who are part of my brother's team "tQ" or "Think Quick" which is made up of some of the best players on the North American server.They have been around since Brood War, but made the transition to SC2, and recently updated their website, with plenty of info about them and what their plans are. They are looking to become a professional team soon, with sponsors to help their members travel to tournaments around the US. The biggest SC2 tournament in the US right now is the MLG in Dallas, but I read that they are trying to start a regular league similar to the GSL soon.

One of the great things about the new Team TQ website is that they have their roster of players and each has a page where they can upload replays of some of their favorite matches. They also have recaps of recent clan wars and news on upcoming events they'll take part in.


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