Sunday, February 20, 2011


Atrasao este didide', lao manodda' yu' betsun guinaiya put Kareran Estreyas Dos.

I tumuge' este, i na'an-na Kelly, taotao Singapore yan gof kinenne' gui' nu todu kosas SC2.

Estague iyo-na blog, a diva and her demons. Sina un dalalaki gui' lokkue' giya Twitter.

Mampos "geeky" este na betsu, lao taya' guaha, dipotsi mampos geeky este na blog.


I don’t want to be an overlord wandering forever in the lost temple skies,
Or a Lair that can never transit to a Hive.
You caught me out like a burrowed baneling,
After losing you, I am like a queen without her king.

I remember when I first saw you, my heart was concussive shelled,
Who is this medivac, that was to save me from hell?
You sieged up and protected me,
You gave me stim-pack and set me free.

You are like a blink stalker that caught me by surprise,
Heck for you, I would even leave Aiur for life.
When I miss you, my zealots refuse to charge,
When I yearn for you, my forcefields misses too much.

They say my heart is full of ice,
My eyes are full of lies.
I might be doomed to walk this mortal life,
Without you by my side.

I still want to tell you that you’re so fine,
And you’re always on my Overmind.
I don’t want no MarineKingPrime,
I just need you to be my Valentine.

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