Friday, February 11, 2011

Representing Starcraft 2

The video above is from last weekend where Leevin Camacho (a fellow SC2 player)  and I led a news crew from PNC News (Pacific News Center) down to an area of north eastern Guam called Pagat, which may soon be closed to the public is a Marines Corps firing range is built nearby. The Pagat area is one of the few places on Guam today where you can see artifacts from ancient Chamorro life still lying on the ground. It is a place which many consider to be a sacred place or at least a place which is beautiful and educational and should be kept safe. The firing range will not be built at Pagat necessarily, but rather built above it on a bluff, and so the area below which is full of artifacts will be in the surface danger zone, the area which may possibly be hit by bullets which miss their targets or ricchoet unexpectedly.

You may be wondering why, although this is an important issue, why it is being discussed on a blog about the game Starcraft 2. The reason should be obvious if you watch the video. As I am being interviewed, I am wearing a Starcraft 2 hat which I bought myself for Christmas from the website Jinx. Despite the serious tone of the piece, I did get a few more people laughing who know I play Starcraft 2, and made the connection.

I love the way I am a both a hopeless video game air con nerd and also someone who takes people on historical and educational hikes.

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