Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MKP Manggaganna'!

I like watching MarineKingPrime.We or as he is sometimes known Fake Boxer or Foxer play. First, because he is a great player, his micro makes my eyeballs scream sometimes. I cannot believe what I'm seeing, especially against zerg, where he defies physics, mechanics and logic against banelings.

Second, because he is the king of making ill-advised moves. My SC2 fandom is based primarily on what I see in players that I feel or that I identify with and so I like players like Nada or July because they are bihu kalang Guahu. I liked SanZenith when he first started in the GSL because his dream was to survive for 10 mins in a game and that used to be my goal too! (Mampos maolekna pa'go Si San. Kalang ha traiduit yu' yan i hinasso-ku put Guiya)

In his early rise in SC2, when MKP knew that his opponent was going Banelings, he wouldn't stutter, but still move out with pure Marines, or pure Marines and 1 Marauder. It was insane, completely ill-advised and if it were most other players, you would shriek that kaduku gui'! Baste ennao! Siempre pon matomba! The issue with ill-advised moves is that they tend not to work, because the game dynamics make them ridiculous. But MKP is such a great player because he can make obscene strategies work most of the time, when fate would rule that they end in misery and noob-stank.

His style was sorely tested last night in the Round of 4 of the GSL World Championship league, which is now solely filled with Koreans. On one side of the bracket MVP faced San and sent him packing. On the other MKP would face off against oGsMC. You could call them rivals, although everyone nowadays is MC's rival because he's at the top of the game, which is where everyone else wants to be.

MKP was booted out of a previous GSL by MC in convincing fashion and so MKP was naturally thirsty for revenge. In a best of five, MKP lost the first two games in a fashion which made me feel like I had just undergone an out of body experience and played two high level matches in the GSL. It was so bad that Tasteless on the Gom cast, could hardly speak after the second loss because it wasn't even interesting, it was just sad. It was like MKP was falling apart, and instead of it being gory and cool to watch, it just made you want to give up on life. Sometimes the tragedy of life can make you cherish living and moving ahead, but sometimes the tragedy is so naked and brutally raw that it just makes you want to crawl into a corner and drink the saltiness of your tears until you slowly waste away.

Those two first games were like that. MKP pulled a gold-base switch on Metalopolis, and gained an early league since he was not scouted by MC. But he later lost in an almost pathetic way when MC calmly countered by sneaking a pylon on the high ground on the left side of the gold, warping in zealots to take out his workers while MKP tried a soft contain. In game two, MKP tried a proxied Thor rush, which could have worked, except that MKP cut too many corners and while he was walling off and building a bunker, a zealot and a stalker broke through his defenses and the game becoming an after-school special for noobs on proper walling in defense techniques. Both of these games would make great inclusions into a highlight reel of "when cheese goes bad!"

MKP was two down, MC only had to win one more. Siempre ti sina ha ganna' este hun. It certainly did not look like it. He had cheesed his way into a massive hole playing against the best Protoss and currently best player in the world.

But in the next three games, MKP was able to actually come back and win the series. Inasa yu' ni' este. Ya esta ki pa'go ti hongge'on na manggana' gui'.

MC proxy Stargated outside of MKP's main on Crevasse. He also went 4gate, in hopes of creating a massive early game push to take out MKP who had fast expanded. The first Void Ray allowed MC to warp in on the high ground near the expansion, and zealots and the VR started to take out SCVs. A squad of Marines moved up to engage and MKP showed his incredible stutter step micro, even using his mule effectively to block the attacking zealots. It looked for certain that MC was going to crush MKP with this rush, but the micro held them at bay. MKP had to lift off his extra command center and lost it as two charged VRs took it out. But that attack allowed him to take out the ground army and also snipe the two VR. MKP quickly countered and won

In Game 4 MKP tried to rush with banshees to harass, but MC had an insanely early robo and so it was quickly stopped after two stalkers hit the sneaky banshee. But MKP had scraped together an interesting version of the "Tasteless build" where he started pushing with three siege tanks, about a dozen marines and switched the banshees from harass mode to death from above mode. A skirmsh took place outside of MC's expansion with MKP taking the day once he got siege mode.

Game 5 on Terminus Re was up in the air at the start, since we could not be sure who was going to push first, who was going to take the first risk. MKP expanded early, MC went for a three gate rush. MC's early rush failed, when he accidentally tipped off his opponent that he was breaking down the side rocks with a stalker running by the bunker to hit them from the other side. MKP built more bunkers and fought off MC. MC retreated to go Robo and colossus. MKP built several more barracks for a quick timing attack. When it came, MC had no colossus, and MKP just waltzed into his base. MC showed his skill by delaying MKP for as long as possible, leading him around his expansion, buying time so that the colossus could come out. Although it was a tactical win for MC, he lost alot of units and mining time.

A few minutes later they met again, MKP had more units with vikings and MC's army was destroyed.

Tasteless: MC is gonna be crushed!

Artosis: So is the world of reality that you live in!

MC, warps in a few zealots as his last line of defense but quickly GGs seeing it as pointless.

MKP, will now go back to the finals of the GSL. This will be his 3rd try, he has lost two before first to NesTea and later to MVP. He will be meeting MVP again this Friday in the finals, and he'll be hoping to avenge another crippling loss, when he was 4-0 by MVP in January.

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