Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The NASL is coming...

Later today, the 1st set of the matches from the NASL will be broadcasted, and we will finally see if this is the start North American E-sports Revolution, or quickly die out like the Championship Gaming Series (CGS). With a star studded lineup (Well the whole tournament is stacked) expect good games. The 1st match of the tournament is no other than Grubby vs Moon, who of course their popularity is insane and their past history in Warcraft III make it a brilliant move by the heads at NASL to have them start off the set. I am sad to see that Dimaga, Kas, and Adelscott are not in the tournament, as their results in the past 4 months are amazing and in my opinion are the best representations of their race in the European Scene.

*Check out Grubby's Interview on the NASL site, you can't help but like the guy, so well mannered and nice.

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