Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Rise of Streams

I often myself awake in the middle of night not playing, but watching people play through their point of views. This concept started off in the late Brood War days and when the SC2 beta came out, the trend continued. To see the players gracefully execute their actions and see their thought process on what they see and how to react accordingly is so educational. My 2 favorite streams happen to be from my 2 favorite players, Sen and White-Ra. White-Ra commentates in games in English (Alternating with Russian as he is from Ukraine) and tells his viewers about his "special tactics." He is so well mannered and hilarous to boot, priceless entertainment. Sen on the other hand is just a beast and tonight I watched him rip through the North America ladder like it is nothing. His infestor play is just awe dropping, and to quote him in the chat, "Infested Terrans are the Z FFs." ^_^

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