Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sais na Hagoe

In one game during the GSL, the Zerg player Leenockfou, after winning a close match raised up 6 fingers to the camera, symbolizing the fact that a certain strategy, one he had used in the game he just won, was still viable. The move is called 6 pool. It comes from the fact that when you start as zerg, instead of creating drones to build your economy, you keep your six initial drones and have them harvest until you can build a spawning pool. As a result of this, you trade in your ability to compete in a longer game, for an early rush, which if not expected is very easy to defeat. In his match on Lost Temple against Guinea Pig in the 3rd GSL last month he 6 pooled, did some initial damage although not too much, but was still able to convert his dangerous all-in rush into a victory.

If you scout and see that your opponent has only five drones and a spawning pool, then they are about to 6 pool you. Na'liston maisa hao, sa' ti apmam magi i tinigong.

Yesterday I saw my brother Kuri get 6 pooled. Thankfully he scouted it early but it sent a chill down my spine, ha na'etdot i tatalo-hu, when he yelled "Ah crap I'm dead!" Fighting six pool requires being walled in and having an early unit which you fight them off until more can be made. It also means pulling your workers to help stall for time. Thankfully this particular 6 pool took place on Lost Temple, where it is very common for people to fast expand to their naturals. He was able to wall in with his already built forge and two additional gateways outside his natural. He got them up just in time, and although one gateway was lost, a canon was fished to scare them off. The forced turtling worked to my brother's advantage as he mined, upgraded, fought off mutalisk attacks, but eventually blew up his own gateways, expanded to the nearby gold base and fought back the zerg across the map, one expansion at a time.

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