Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tonde Hi Ni Iru Natsu No Kagerou

I didn't play much video games for the past six years because graduate school and things academic or activist. But since finishing I've carved out a niche in my busy life to spend time each day wasting it on delightful video games. I played Monster Hunter 3 for a while, Beatles Rock Start Band, Nobunaga's Ambition but earlier this year got addicted to the game I currently spend a few hours each night playing Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

After beating the campaign on Hard, I started to try playing online with others and it has made the experience even more addicted, working out strategies and tactics with friends. I've also started watching professional Starcraft 2 players in leagues and tournaments online and so I am on the verge of going full nerd on SC2.

As part of my growing nerd love I felt the need to start yet another new blog, where I can share my thoughts, my recent matches, what I've watched in tournaments such as the GSL. I hope to one day start a Guam clan of SC2 players and so if you like to play SC2 and are on Guam, email me.

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