Thursday, January 13, 2011


I don't have cable at home and so there is no plopping on the couch to watch TV each night. Instead my television each night is actually GOMTV, which is a website where they broadcast matches which are part of the Global Starcraf 2 League or GSL. They've had three seasons of tourneys so far and right now are knee deep in their Code A and Code S matches, which make use of a system which I don't quite understand but are still fun to watch since there are still plenty of great players there.

While I was checking out the schedule earlier tonight I saw something interesting. Like everything else in the universe except me, GOMTV has a Facebook page and so they have the widget on their page which shows their FB updates and also the number of people that "like" them. The number is above 10,000 and so usually when I pass by there the random profile images they show are of people I don't know. But tonight I was shocked to actually recognize one of the profiles as being my brother's! I snatched an image of it and I've pasted it below.

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