Monday, January 3, 2011

How Do You Say Starcraft in Chamorro?

Part of my reason for starting this Starcraft 2 blog was to bring together my love of Starcraft 2 and my love of the Chamorro language. I have only been a fan of SC2 for a few months, but I have loved speaking and using Chamorro to discuss strange things for many years. On my other blog, No Rest for the Awake – Minagahet Chamorro, since starting it in 2004, have written in Chamorro about the most random things, such as Bollywood Movies, European philosopy, video games and anime. I often lament the fact that the use of the Chamorro language has become so limited. It is something that you use casually to so simple things, but when you start to talk about more modern, contemporary and complex things people tend to switch to English.
So with i abok-hu Leevin I want to come up with list of SC2 terms in Chamorro. Making up names for units such as SCVs, Immortals or Banelings would be a fun experience to go through. Immortal is an easy enough word to translate into Chamorro (taimatai or taiminatai), but Banelings might be tougher. Maybe I could say something about how they are the worst nightmare of Marines? (I mas atdet na chinatguinifen para i Mansindalu siha)
What I really want to do is come up with names for tactics and strategies that we use. It is my dream to one die at the start of a 3v3 match with myself and any combination of my brother, Leevin or Davis, we check out the map and our opponents and say a Chamorro word to pick our strategy. As I’ve already written on this blog “tinigong” is my way of saying “rush,” since “tugong” means to charge someone or rush someone. But the Chamorro language is full of so many other words, especially words for violent physical activities that we could use. One day when Leevin did a number of successful drops with Marines to take out the hatcheries of our opponents, he said that we won because we were able to hamstring our enemies. I recalled then the Chamorro word for “to cut hamstrings” and said that when we do something like that we should call it “kedera.”
My all-time favorite word which must be one day used as a SC2 tactical term is “chungat.” I am seriously thinking of changing my game id to Chungat, just because it is so cool. Chungat means to cut someone’s belly open, and so I wonder what tactic this might describe? Heading straight up the middle? Taking out their main? Supply blocking them, by shredding apart their overlords/pylons/depots like spilling out their intestines?

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