Thursday, January 20, 2011


[UPDATE] Unfortunately, my brother did not make it into the Top 200 last week, apparently there was an error when they were calculating the rankings and so he was mistakenly included.

Was on yesterday and came across the unbelievable. Each week Blizzard releases a list of the top 200 players for Starcraft 2 for each of their regional servers. Getting on that list is a real honor, even more so since eventually there will be a Grandmaster's League which will be for the top 200 players in each region only. I should note that this list is not based on ladder points alone, and so even the people who have a huge number of points or who are at the top of their division don't necessarily get to the top of the Top 200.

The way of determining who gets to the top of this list is partially hidden, some secret formula that Blizzard uses, but it is clearly not based on pure wins and losses, percentage or points. It comes down to who you win against and who you lose against. If in the course of a week you beat top tier players and don't lose egregiously to players at your level or beneath you, you have a chance at being in the Top 200. It should be noted that the Top 200 is not necessarily the best in the region for all time, but merely in the last week. So even if no one knows who you are, if you have a fantastic week in SC2, you could jump into the Top 200.

So, the unbelievable thing that I saw yesterday was that my brother tQmagnavox had made it into the Top 200 for the past week. Well, gi minagahet, that isn't really ti hongge'on. He's been in the Top 200 before and for the past few months as his score has gone up, he's been Top 100 and Top 200 for points in the North American server. But what was unbelievable was that he didn't just appear in the Top 200, as in crawl his way to number 199 or 190 or something. He leaped, flew, zoomed, I have no idea what the right verb is to use, but he demolished his way to the number 8 spot in the Top 200.

That's right, hunggan magahet enao, you read that right, he was NUMBER EIGHT LAST WEEK.

In addition, Kuri's clan TQ or think quick fighting, had four members in the top 20. A very strong showing for the week.

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